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A British voice over artist, Neale’s vocal tones have been associated with national and regional radio, the arts and sound media for almost three decades. With time spent as a presenter at Radio 1, live in vision television announcing at Granada in Manchester and more latterly film narration scripts, his experienced and skilled voice style and range is described as mature, engaging and narrative, fitting well with radio, commercial and television documentary work, plus advertising campaigns requiring an aspirational and discerning read. He has voiced commercials and information materials for world corporations and household names including HSBC, the BBC, Glaxo, Royal Mail, The Sun, Dixons, The Times, ITV and Sony.

“Despite having voiced work for telly and radio nationally, it’s funny how clear my memory is of my formative years in broadcasting, in particular flying to the Canaries on the eve of the Great Storm of ’87 to voice commercials on a Spanish owned tourist radio network for the islands. It was certainly a varied introduction to the business. I voiced everything from Friday night tapas offers to Banco Bilbao investment commercials, a baptism of fire considering I barely scraped French at school and was now expected to speak in Spanish as well as English.”

With a studio based in Berkshire, Neale can provide quick turnaround recordings in WAV, BWF and MP3 format and he’s perfectly geographically positioned on the ‘crossroads of England’ to attend studio sessions in the major metropoles such as London.